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Get Your Easter Flowers Today!

We are fully stocked with beautiful 4+ Bloom Blue and Pink Hydrangeas, Easter Lilies, Spring Flowers, Anthuriums and more!

Open all Easter Weekend Long!

Good Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Satruday: 9AM - 6PM
Easter Sunday: 10AM - 4PM
Easter Monday: 9AM - 6PM


Here is your Spring Checklist!

It's Green Up Time!

It's not a secret, if you want green grass, vibrant shrubs, trees and perennials... FERTILIZE!

Come to Paul's for the Best Deals in Town

We have everything you need to start your gardens indoors!

Seeds, starter kits, soils, fertilizer, pots and more are all available today!

Paul's Garden Center is now carrying The Seed Saucer!

The Seed Saucer is an easy solution to the seed left behind by our feathered friends. It simply hangs under most suspendible bird feeders and catches all the spilled seed, leaving your lawn and or garden free of wasted seed, weeds and unwanted critters. The seed can then be poured back into the feeder - reducing waste.

Made in Canada, with a 1 year guarantee and comes with all necessary hardware, The Seed Saucer will make a great gift for yourself and all birders on your Christmas list this year!

*Limited Stock

We Have Moved and Are Open To Serve You!

Paul's Garden Centre and Paul's Lawn Care has moved to 103 Shaw Street in Welland, Ontario. Come in and see us today!


Paul's Garden Centre

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